Restoring the carbon and natural asset values of trees with the first comprehensive digital platform for the carbon market.

ACRE is the asset.

ACRE IO is the first integrated asset management platform for optimizing natural capital.

The ACRE IO founders, C2I, pioneered a new way to value land. They called it the Advanced Carbon Restored Ecosystem (ACRE). This unitization approach is core to how ACRE IO develops new products and revalues property. While carbon is the first asset within the ACRE Unitization, the company plans to expand into other natural capital assets such as water quality, water storage, biodiversity, and so forth.

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The platform for forest investments.

According to Principles for Responsible Investment, “within negative emission technologies (“NET”), nature-based solutions (“NBS”) to the climate crisis focused on reforestation and afforestation are the most viable near term opportunity and could generate $800 billion in annual revenue by 2050 with assets valued well over US$1.2 trillion, surpassing the current market capitalization of the oil and gas majors.”

At the Ag World Tech Conference in San Francisco in March 2022, David Babson from ARPA-E United States Department of Energy stated that “by 2050 the largest business sector in the world will be carbon removals.” ACRE IO is in prime position to press its market-leading advantage in nature-based removals.

The demand for nature-based carbon removal is far exceeding supply. The GreenTrees project is a prime example. In the US, GreenTrees accounts for 99.64% of all carbon reforestation (removals). With a production of 600,000 to 900,000 per annum, this market-leading supply is not remotely close to satisfying the market demand. Globally, GreenTrees is the second-largest voluntary forestry project in the world, not including REDD+. It is important to realize that REDD+ is less a forestry project than a concession to developing countries. However, if one included REDD+, GreenTrees is the 21st largest carbon project in the world today. Still, the demand is far outstripping supply.

Product Lines

The next generation of carbon markets includes negative emissions, reductions and removals.

The carbon market is segmented into a quadrant of removals and reductions within both nature and mechanical applications. Removals take previously emitted carbon out of the atmosphere. Reductions lessen the relative future impact through intentional operating decisions. One “repairs” while the other “lessens.” Both approaches are necessary to meet the scaled challenge of bending the climate curve to prevent a 1.5 degree Celsius world.
Nature Based Reductions
ACRE IO has secured relationships to include approximately one million acres of Improved Forest Management (“IFM”) carbon to market shortly after the proposed funding.
Nature Based Removals

The GreenTrees reforestation project in the southeastern United States provides ACRE IO with a template and decades of know-how for globally scaling nature-based removals. 

Mechanical Reductions
ACRE IO has pioneered a scalable solution through the development of a modal shift methodology with a leading logistics provider that enables shippers to quantify the value of carbon reductions into their total landed cost models.
Mechanical Removals
The company is sourcing viable platforms and partnerships for this sector.